Benacchio Srl wins Invitalia tender

12 Apr, 2024

Benacchio Srl obtained the important financing through the Invitalia tender to implement an innovative investment programme. This programme includes the installation of a MULTI functional welding line, which will include advanced technologies such as spot welding, standard parts projection welding, stud welding and CO2 welding.

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The use of anthropomorphic robots and positioners will ensure the safe handling of processes, in full compliance with programmed cycle times. The different stations will be delimited by modular fencing made of mesh panels, with special attention paid to protecting operators from bright light during CO2 welding.
Features of the plant will include a panel to control the cooling fluids, an electrical cabinet for the welding robot, cabinets for the line PLC and a control desk with panel PC for operator interface and company data management.
The production plant will be fully interconnected to the company’s IT infrastructure, allowing constant communication and the adaptation of production dynamics according to needs. Vertical integration will allow complete product traceability, ensuring conformity to specifications, identification of causes of defects and optimisation of order processing times.
Thanks to this investment, Benacchio Srl expects a 25% increase in productivity, accompanied by significant improvements in all other company performance.